Hello! I’m Wilson and I’m a photographer based in Toronto.

Being a computer nerd, I naturally built my career in the I.T. field. However, when talking to computers proved to be a one-sided conversation, I started a new career in photography – a passion left untouched since I was a teenager.

Now, I spend my time talking to and capturing special moments of real people. People on the street. People in love. People who make a difference. People we care about.

I believe in the power of visual storytelling and that only by understanding who you are and where you come from, can we reflect a story that’s uniquely yours.

Whether you’re a family, couple, organization or an individual, I’d love to meet you and help capture your story.


I also believe that...

It’s okay to let loose and be silly.
(No, I will not do this at our lunch meeting.)

Grilled tofu with kimchi garnish is the best invention yet.
(Sounds odd, but oh-so delicious!)

Bicycles will rule the world one day.
(Please don’t copy how I’m on the wrong side of the road.)


Organizations that believed in me...


Believing in myself...

George Brown College
Digital Photography
2014 –2016

Recognition and Features
2017 Featured on Iceland Naturally – Alaskan Lupines at Vik, Iceland
2016 Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention – Light Tunnel
2014 Applied Arts Photography Series Student Award – Beautiful Lines
Street Hunters – What’s In Your Camera Bag
BlogTO – Best of Toronto and Photo of the Day